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Temporomandibular Joint

Innovative research-proven techniques providing patients relief and making TMJ recovery possible. Includes treatment of the Cervical Spine.

Afflicting millions of patients, the TMJ costs patients untold suffering and is a battleground for practitioners and a field of agony for the patients both physically and financially. Learn diagnostic and x-ray findings plus the treatment procedures to help patients.

Learning Subscription

One-time sign up fee to access the course with monthly subscription for continuous access! Course is delivered over three weeks adding bursts of learning to your busy schedule.

What Patients Say

We start by learning techniques. We thrive by literally changing someone life.

“Seven years of 30% hearing loss better in one adjustment!”

— Kathy, Patient

Online Course Includes

What’s Happening

Insights on the issues, what’s happening in the body and clinical case studies.

Evaluation Techniques

X-Ray reviews and orthopedic evaluation techniques to help you assess the appropriate treatment plan.

Treatment Techniques

Multiple adjustment techniques presented on a live model both in slow motion and real-time. Bone model demo included.

Course Lessons

TMJ: What's Happening (Subscription)

How large is the problem of TMJ? What is happening in the body including signs and symptoms. What x-rays to take and what to look for.


TMJ: A massive problem TMJ: Signs and Symptoms TMJ: XRays

TMJ: Evaluation Techniques (Subscription)

Clinical case studies, Pre-TMJ evaluation techniques, pre-alignment techniques and TMJ examination techniques.


TMJ: Clinicals TMJ: Evaluations TMJ: Examination

TMJ: Treatment (Subscription)

Adjustment techniques. Clicking, popping and treatment plans. Conditions and opportunity to help people.


TMJ: Adjustment TMJ: Treatment Plan TMJ: Helping People

TMJ: Self Test (Subscription)

A quick self-test on TMJ learning.


TMJ: Self-Test TMJ: Feedback

Ask Dr. Mally

Get to know Dr. Mally. An expert versed in the latest research, over 40 years of hands-on experience helping patient heal.

Registered users can reach out to Dr Mally addressing questions via private chat.