Grow Your Practice

World Class Coaching

Shift your chiropractic care and business into hyperdrive. 

Chiropractor with 23 Years Experience

Dr. Raj Gupta shares how mentoring with Dr Mally has changed his career, changed his outcomes and given him tremendous success. 

Three Opportunities

Select the mentorship that best meets your professional aspirations and patient goals. 

$ 750

per month / 1 Year Program

  • 12, 30 minute One-on-One’s
  • 6 Case Study Reviews
  • 1 Mastermind Online Registration
  • 1 Webinar w/Video Access
  • 1 M7 Course Subscription
  • 5% Extremity Expert Discount
$ 1,599

per month / 2 Year Program

  • 24, 30 minute One-on-One’s
  • 12 Case Study Reviews
  • 2 Mastermind Online Tickets
  • 2 Webinar w/Video Access
  • 2 M7 Course Subscriptions
  • 10% Extremity Expert Discount
  • 1 Grand Rounds Experience
  • 12 Radiology Reviews
  • 1 Speaking Event Roundtable
  • 1 Mastermind Live Ticket
$ 1,995

per month / 3 Year Program

  • 36, 50 minute One-on-One’s
  • 18 Case Study Reviews
  • 3 Mastermind Online Tickets
  • 4 Webinars w/Video Access
  • 3 M7 Course Subscriptions
  • 15% Extremity Expert Discount
  • 2 Grand Rounds Experiences
  • 24 Radiology Reviews
  • 3 Speaking Event Roundtables
  • 2 Mastermind Live Tickets
  • 2 Trainings at Your Location

Tell Me More

Descriptive overview of Mentorship benefits.

One-on-one Call

Each month speak with Dr Mally in a private mentoring call. You bring the chiropractic, business or research topic sharing associated details three days before the call. 
Dr. Mally consults in real time on topics that matter to you.

Case Study Review

Dr Mally brings a recent case study for discussion with mentor program participants in a small group, video conference setting. Engaging case dialogue while growing your connections. 

Mastermind Online Event

An online conference with three or more speakers on a specific extremity or business topic. Guest speakers include surgeons, dentists, radiologists, business, marketing and other experts in their field.

webinar with video access

Participate in webinars with access to post-event video recording for the duration of your mentorship.

M7 Course Subscription

During your program Dr Mally will select for you subscription access to one or more Extremity Expert courses for Chiropractic Physicians. 

Extremity Expert Discount

Purchase courses and wearables with your dedicated, private discount code.

Grand Round Experience

Travel to Iowa for a full day consulting with Dr Mally. Includes observation, patient review, hands on with patients and coaching/mentoring in Extremity Expert Techniques.   More about G.R.E. 

Radiology Review

Share a 30 minute radiology consulting session with Dr. Mally for one of your patients. 

Speaking Event Roundtable

When Dr Mally is speaking at a chiropractic event in a state near you, join him after hours for a round table discussion with an open agenda.  

Master mind live event

An on location six hour conference with three or more speakers on a specific extremity or business topic. Guest speakers include surgeons, dentists, radiologist, business, marketing and other experts in their field.  

Training at your location

Dr Mally travels to your location for a five hour day of consulting. Dr Mally will speak with you and up to 5 same office staff members on one extremity (e.g. shoulders). The remainder of the time is personalized coaching with you and up to 5 of your staff from the same office.