VIP Adjustments


VIP Adjustments provides focused personalized care over a three or five day schedule to address areas of concern and receive rapid relief.   

The Three Day package provides up to nine adjustments over three days.
The Five Day package provides up to fifteen adjustments over five days.
Includes X-Rays, Massage Therapy and Cold Laser when required.

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An intensive wellness approach for everyone.

Includes, as needed:

  • Treatments
  • X-Rays
  • Therapies
  • Cold Laser

VIP Professionals including Chiropractors see Dr Mally for VIP Adjustments. Hear Dr. Greg Logan, a Chiropractor from Florida specializing in concierge services. Dr Mally’s VIP adjustments accelerate adjustment results and provide profound respite in a relaxed, private setting.

VIP Adjustment Patients benefit from Dr Mally’s personal experience of over 40 years, thousands of patients and tens of thousand adjustments.  As the inventor of the science based Mally Method of Extremity Adjustment it’s world class care and rapid relief.


We respect your time and confidentially. Please print and bring the following forms when you meet Dr Mally.

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3 Days, 5 Days