Researcher & Inventor

Dr. Mally is a chiropractor who is a leader in research, with an emphasis on extremities. He has extensive expertise in carpal tunnel syndrome, cumulative trauma disorders, TMJ and congenital leg length morphology. Dr. Mally established the non-surgical protocol for the treatment and prevention of CTS and CTD that is considered by many as the “benchmark” in the chiropractic profession.

Speaker & Educator

As a national and international speaker and educator for nearly 40 years Dr. Mally has been sponsored and requested as a speaker by numerous chiropractic associations and colleges across the country and around the globe.


Dr. Mally earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He completed a Pre-Medical Program at Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan. Dr. Mally is the founder and developer of the International Academy of Advanced Chiropractic Orthopedics. He holds active membership in multiple Chiropractic associations. Licensed in IA and GA.

Celebrity Lou Ferrigno & The Mally Method

Dr Justin Roth, DC & The Mally Method


  • Visionary Founder of the International Academy of Advanced Chiropractic Orthopedics, Extremity Experts and Magnificent 7 
  • Developer of widely acclaimed techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of lower and upper body extremity injuries
  • Author of Nationally distributed C.T.S./C.T.D. manual
  • Inventor of the QUAD BASE SCALE™, a unique computerized quadrilateral scale that diagnoses and measures core stability and rehabilitates balance.
  • Creator of revolutionary C.T.S./extremity x-ray device (X-POSERTM) and exclusive patient Referral™ system, a series of educational and promotional wall charts and coordinated patient brochures.
  • Research on Leg Length Measuring Procedures, protocols, and the tools to accurately measure bone length

Dr. Raj Gupta, Fellowship Graduate

Innovation Addressed 67 years of Pain & Surgeries


  • Technique Faculty establishing treatment protocols for the Care of the Elite and Professional Athletes (C.E.P.A).
  • Post-Graduate faculty at Parker, Palmer and Northwest Chiropractic Colleges.
  • Featured Speaker for National Chiropractic Conventions, State Associations, Chiropractic Colleges, Parker Seminars, Breakthrough Coaching, Master’s Circle, FCA, MCA, European Chiropractic Physicians Union, ProSport, C.E.P.A., ICA and more.
  • Medical Advisory Board Member for the MicroLight Corporation of America
  • Keynote speaker for the American Society of Laser Therapy 
  • Speaker for Anabolic Labs and Multi-Radiance Medical Lasers

Dr Jake Helm & The Mally Method

Dr Mancini, President Emeritus Parker University


  • Founder of the Institute for Repetitive Strain Injuries, IRSI™
  • Internationally prominent Clinical Consultant for specialty cases involving extremity injuries
  • Nationally prominent figure in the field of Sports Chiropractic
  • Industrial and Ergonomic Consultant
  • Founder of Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Sports Injury Club
  • Featured in American Chiropractor Magazine
  • Featured in Chiro Economics magazine and voted Top Doctor (2019)

Results! Pain in multiple areas is Gone!

Results! Plantar Fasciitis Gone!


  • American Chiropractic Association Member (ACA)
  • Diplomate of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • Member of Council on Sports Injuries, Council on Athletics and Physical Fitness, Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation, C.E.P.A,
  • ProSports
  • Iowa Chiropractic Society (ICS)
  • International Chiropractic Association (ICA)
  • Congress of Chiropractic Associations(COCSA)