Carpal Tunnel Sydrome

Dr. Mitch Mally talks about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a painful condition of the wrists that leads to tingling and numbness of the hands. There are alternatives treatments besides invasive surgery.

Avoiding Falls

Dr. Mitch Mally gathers a team of health experts speaking on avoiding falls, especially during the winter season. Advice on how to walk on ice, what to do if you fall, and proper shoveling techniques.

Low Back Pain

Dr. Mitch Mally, chiropractor and Dr. Bill Olson, surgeon, explain various solutions to low back pain.

Leg Length Issues

Dr. Mitch Mally and a patient explain the life changing experience when leg length issues are identified and corrected. 

Foot Pain

Are you experiencing foot, ankle, knee and/or hip pain? Dr. Mitch Mally and runner Steve Kilburg addresses what you can do to alleviate your discomfort.

Once a Sprain Always a Sprain? No!

Ever thought of untwisting the knee or unspraining an ankle?
Restoring bone alignment allows ligaments to heal in their proper position. Once a sprain always a sprain? No longer! 

Joint Manipulation and Biomechanics

Dr Mally’s journey from thinking chiropractic was quackery to his life’s work to helping people heal.  Dr Mally treats celebrities and makes a real difference for thousands of patients and chiropractors.   

Orthopedist Partnerships & Laser Therapy  

Dr. Fab Mancini interviews Dr Mally to discuss focusing on patient outcomes when treating extremities, partnering with orthopedic surgeons and how medical grade laser therapy helps tissue heal.

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