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This Upper Extremity Proficiency video product is inclusive of Twenty Six Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist extremity adjustment training videos.

Product vs Subscription

A one time purchase with ongoing access. Product version does not provide chat access with Dr. Mally. Content updates, revisions or new content is not included. We’ve provided a summary Products and Subscription Comparison to help you decide which offer of Dr. Mally’s M7 Video Series is best for you.

Upper: Shoulder Proficiency Training (Product)

Upper: Elbow Proficiency Training (Product)

Wrist: Proficiency Training (Product)

What Others Say

Dr Paul Ling Tai, President and Chairman of the Brazil Academy of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine (BARM) is a world renown medical physician and surgeon. Dr Tai shares his personal respect for Dr Mally and adds “I highly recommend Dr Mitch Mally, DC for being an amazing chiropractor, author and friend. He has helped me achieve optimal health through the years.”