Conference: FCA National (Orlando, FL August 17-20)

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1:00 PM GMT-0600

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HYATT Regency

Topic: Anisomelia – Leg Length Inequality
Anatomic leg length is overlooked academically and clinically. Learn time-tested and proven methods to accurately measure “structural” leg length. Dr Mally has performed over 9000 cases demosrtrating “unfounded” LLI. Attend this lecture and witness countless case studies with AMAZING protocols, research and data.  This information enhances more accurate diagnoses and recommends appropriate treatment guaranteed to help increase patient results, retention and referrals.

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Attendees will learn Dr. Mally’s secrets to enhance the 3 R’s(Results, Retention, and Referrals) focusing on technique mastery in your practice. This is a powerful action packed fast paced informative lecture. As you know, Dr. Mally’s presentations are AMAZING and feature his enthusiastic, educational, comedic, and high energy, content-rich information and technique demonstrations always leaving the audience wanting more. In fact, that is why Dr. Mally is one of the most sought-after speakers and is frequently asked to return to speak for the FCA.

Do You Need A Extremity Adjustment?
Are you a Doctor of Chiropractic attending this conference? Secure a personal Extremity Expert adjustment by Dr Mally during the event. Space is limited. Please be prepared to show your digital or printed receipt at the Mally event table. Stop by the event table to schedule your adjustment to minimize your wait. Scheduling is not required but recommended.

Benefit from Dr Mally’s personal experience of over 40 years, thousands of patients and tens of thousand adjustments.  As the inventor of the science based Mally Method of Extremity adjustments it’s world class care and rapid relief specially priced for Chiropractors at Conference events.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Mitch Mally’s proprietary techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of extremity injuries have been praised by the chiropractic profession, often regarded as the “10th Degree Black Belt” in extremity adjusting. His diagnostic and non-surgical treatment techniques for Leg Length Inequality (over 9000 cases to date), Sports and Occupational Injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, have been very well received. Dr. Mally is a noted academician, author and inventor of the X-POSER and the QUAD BASE SCALE. Dr. Mally is also a Team Teacher for Parker Seminars and lectures Internationally for State Associations, Conventions and Chiropractic Colleges. Dr. Mally is a post graduate faculty member for several Chiropractic Colleges and is a powerful, dynamic, entertaining and motivational educator with presentations armed with documented research supporting all presentations.


Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event FAQs

Where Do I Register?

Registration for this event is managed directly by the association.  Visit to register. 

Can I Get an Extremity Adjustment?

Yes, but availability is limited. See available slots on this page to purchase.  First come, first serve. 

  • HYATT Regency
  • 9801 International Drive
  • Orlando
  • FL
  • USA

Event Schedule Details

  • 08/17/2023 1:00 PM GMT-0600   -   08/20/2023 2:40 PM GMT-0600
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