Practice of the FUTURE (ALL 3 Modules)

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8:30 AM GMT-0600

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Dr Mally Iowa Office

Dr KSJ Murkowski will be speaking Saturday, July 22nd (8am-6pm) and Sunday, July23rd (8am-12pm) on The Practice of the Future – Prepare, Protect or PAY!!!

About the Speaker: Dr Murkowski, is an author, educator, speaker and forensic expert witness for over 50 years. He is a Palmer graduate and continues a very busy practice in Jackson, Michigan. He has testified as an expert in hundreds of malpractice cases. THIS CRITICAL CONTENT IS NOT TRADITIONALLY PROVIDED BY MOST IF NOT ALL CHIROPRACTIC COLLEGES. ARE YOU WILLING TO TAKE THE RISK, OR ATTEND AND DEFEND?

Attendees will learn a wealth of information to help “protect and prepare” DCs from personal and public humiliation due to costly malpractice litigations, FRAUD, loss of license and livelihood, jail-time, PAYBACKS to insurance Companies, etc!  Dr. Murkowski will review pertinent details for Clinical and Radiological Exams and Reports, Report of Findings, Medically Necessary vs Clinically Appropriate Care, Informed Consent, Medicare, Medicaid, OIG, Auto Injuries, Personal Injuries, Worker’s Compensation Injuries,  Documentation, Coding, Compliance, Billing and Collecting Legally, Legal Treatment Plans, Patient Cash Care Contracts, to Malpractice, Audits, Depositions, Court Appearances, Litigation, Marketing Your Practice and Yourself, etc.


Practice of the FUTURE

Module 1 (July 22-23, 2023):

Legal definition of Chiropractic, Know your Chiropractic Laws (State and Federal), What is the legal definition of the VSC, What are the 8 Physical and 8 Chemical Components of the VSC, New and Established Required Documentation, EHR vs 1 minute SOAP Notes, Chart Notes – Work Products, How to Prevent Audits – Paybacks, How to Prevent DC and/or CA Malpractice, NEW ICD10 Codes, CPT Codes, E+M Rules and Regulations, CASH vs Legal Discounts vs Insurance Practice, How to Bill/Collect Legally (Cash vs Insurance) Marketing a Practice & Yourself.

BONUS: Primary Care – Active – Passive – Rehab – Documentation


Practice of the FUTURE

Module 2 (September 23-24, 2023):

Learn the 12 kinds of patients, 12 High Risk (Business), 12 high Risk (Clinical), Legal Best and Worst Diagnoses, Proper Diagnosing (DX Bank – CMS 1500 – 12 slots, Medical Necessity vs Clinically Appropriate – Documentation, How to Document: Auto and Personal Injuries, Worker’s Comp, Medicare (2 ABNs), PAR vs Non-Par, Medicaid, Treatment Plans (Legally)

BONUS: Required Manuals (Office, Compliance, HIPPA, Medicare, COVID, etc.)


Practice of the FUTURE

Module 3 (December 16-17, 2023):

Learn the 13 O.I.G Required Items in Informed Consent, 30 Items to Have in Patient File – Prevent Malpractice – Medicare Audits, Required Patient Treatment Plans, How to Use 12 Slots on CMS 1500 To Get Paid, New Patient ROF For Greater Compliance, Patient Cash Care Contracts – Non-Covered Services -DMP. 50 Items Malpractice Attorneys Look for in Patient Records Requested, How to Prepare for Deposition, How to Prepare for Court, Common Attorney TRICK Questions, Mock Deposition (Interactive), Audience Participation as YOU Answer Real Legal Question.

BONUS: Review REAL Malpractice Cases, Interactive Plaintiff and Defense Examples. YOU be the Judge & Jury GUILTY or NOT GUILTY?

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Location:

  • Dr Mally Iowa Office
  • 3400 DEXTER CT, PAV 1, STE 105
  • IA
  • United States

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  • 07/22/2023 8:30 AM GMT-0600   -   6:00 PM GMT-0600
  • 07/23/2023 8:00 AM GMT-0600   -   12:00 PM GMT-0600
  • 09/23/2023 8:30 AM GMT-0600   -   6:00 PM GMT-0600
  • 09/24/0023 8:00 AM GMT-0600   -   09/24/2023 12:00 PM GMT-0600
  • 12/16/2023 8:30 AM GMT-0600   -   6:00 PM GMT-0600
  • 12/17/2023 8:00 AM GMT-0600   -   12:00 PM GMT-0600

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