Student Extremity Seminar: Upper Extremities BONUS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Upper Extremity Entrapments Class

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6:00 PM GMT-0600

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Extremity Experts

In this Upper Extremities course you will learn the anatomy, biomechanics, radiology, differential diagnosis and the most common conditions/injuries of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand and much more.  This EXCLUSIVE course offers nearly 4 hours of online learning PLUS 9 hours of Hands-On Extremity Adjusting mentorship.  These courses are sure to help you with classes, National Boards and most importantly your PRACTICE. Students complete the Upper Extremity Lectures online via My Account Courses each week prior to coming together for the Tuesday Module. Tuesday Modules are dedicated to review and hands-on Extremity Adjusting.


Additionally, register now and SAVE on this incredible live BONUS class:

  • CTS & Entrapments of the Elbow, Wrist and Hand

This bonus class is offered ONCE per year. Register for both Upper Extremity Module and CTS BONUS and SAVE $100 at check out.


Upper Extremity Dates: 7/25, 8/01, 8/08, 8/15, 8/22  BONUS: CTS & Entrapments of the Upper Extremities: 9/5, 9/12, 9/19

OPTION 1). Purchase the Upper Extremity Lecture.  The $350 course fee includes online lecture content, live sessions & hands on learning is in two easy payments!  The Bonus course is not included. Then join Dr Mally on 7/25 for the first live class and hands-on training session. — OR — OPTION 2). Purchase the Upper Extremity Lecture with CTS BONUS.  This course adds additional live lectures and hands on learning focused on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Upper Extremity Entrapment.  The course fee includes Upper Extremity Lecture online training, LIVE hands on sessions and CTS / Entrapment Training!  Note: There are no online lecture / notes for CTS / Entrapment.  Exclusively a live event. …PS… Note: If your unavailable for the Upper Extremity Seminar, why not sign up for the CTS & Entrapment Seminar!

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
  • Extremity Experts
  • 3400 Dexter Ct. Pavilion 1, Suite 105
  • Davenport
  • IA
  • USA

Event Schedule Details

  • 07/25/2023 6:00 PM GMT-0600   -   9:00 PM GMT-0600
  • 08/01/2023 6:00 PM GMT-0600   -   9:00 PM GMT-0600
  • 08/08/2023 6:00 PM GMT-0600   -   9:00 PM GMT-0600
  • 08/15/2023 6:00 PM GMT-0600   -   9:00 PM GMT-0600
  • 08/22/2023 6:00 PM GMT-0600   -   9:00 PM GMT-0600

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