One, I have been an athlete all my life and unfortunately sustained numerous extremity injuries.

Two, not much is known to offer alternative drugless and non-surgical treatment options for and/or prevention of these injuries.

Thirdly, if through inquiring and researching the literature, I cannot find the answers, then this is an “opportunity” to create programs, protocols and procedures to help others just like me.

I was painfully sidelined by a career ending and devastating injury to my left knee in 1977 in a football game. I was about 30 credits from going to Medical School or trying out for the NFL, and had aspirations of being an Orthopedic Surgeon focusing on Sports Medicine. Well, I was taught an old biblical verse that translates as “if you want to make God laugh, make plans”. Anyone also been there and can relate?

So, I matriculated into Palmer in Davenport (1978) following successful 6-8 weeks of non-surgical treatment including physical therapy and rehabilitation from my field doctor in Detroit. Having experienced this AMAZING outcome and able to observe and interact with other patients during my office visits, it became immediately apparent that I would become a Chiropractor specializing in extremities. Never In my wildest dreams, would I believe that my injuries would be such a key part of my journey and adventure into a profession often mocked at from a total failure to understand its philosophy and merits.

From 1978 through 1981 until I graduated there were numerous periods of extreme frustration, making me consider quitting the profession. This was primarily due to an inability to answer my detailed questions coupled with a pure lack of research in the profession. To no fault of its own, this was merely the result of it being such a young profession (only 80 years old at that time) and the concomitant growing pains fighting the AMA and negative press. Against all odds, the profession grew with difficulty, and with commitment of our predecessors that made great sacrifices. Our ancestors went to such lengths due to belief in chiropractic that many endured jail time.

It is that spirit with deep seeded beliefs and unparalleled outcomes, that made the Chiropractic profession not only survive, but thrive and has become the number one drugless, non-surgical health care profession in the world.

During and since my academic career at Palmer, I elected to spend countless hours researching medical texts, journals, articles and research integral to developing my understanding of arthrodial biomechanics. From anatomy and physiology instruction, coupled with the cadaver lab time and my time spent in the books, I created the legendary Mally Methods for diagnostic and treatment protocols of the extremities with a profound emphasis on how the peripheral joints affect the spine.